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Everyone nowadays loves to get an ideal physique. Well, why not? No one would love to look skinny. Every teenager at a certain point of time in their life realizes that they need proper grooming in terms of physical appearance. The one who gets bullied every day in school or college will surely want to hit the gym from the next day and workout on their physique or figure to protect themselves from getting bullied.

We also love getting the attention of the opposite gender by making us proper groomed. After hitting the gym some serious diet which we all should maintain will help the muscle to grow physically and give us a proper symmetry. Some seriously motivated gym freaks even appoint a fitness trainer who keeps him motivated and initiates the workout in the gym. Fitness courses in Chandigarh and nearby cities are getting well developed with multiple gym centers. Some also consult a dietician to make a proper diet routine will help them grow their muscle faster with time.

Let us give you some tips on the post-workout muscle growth for a proper physique which grabs the attention of the bullies.

Maximum protein intake

Protein is the elements which help our muscle to grow fast. A process called protein synthesis helps to form muscle fiber in our body along with making hormones. Since protein is being used by our body every time, the amount of protein intake should be made higher. One should do protein intake which measures the double of the body weight. For e.g. weight of a person is 6okg. Thus the person should intake 120 grams of protein each day for proper muscle build up.

Eat carbs for energy restoration

When you work out the amount of glycogen in your body gets decreased because it is used up in the workout process. To rebuild the glycogen in your body you need a large number of carbs intake to rebuild the glycogen in your body and restore the energy you lost in a workout. Many fitness trainer courses in India like fitness trainer course Patiala and fitness trainer course Ambala offer the gym freaks with proper carbohydrate and protein-rich food along with proper diet chart.

Sleep well

When you sleep the muscle actually grows. Sleeping helps the hormone called testosterone to boost up which helps in energy contribution during workout hours. Taking protein, carbs and another nutrient for muscle growth is a positive point but sleep makes it easy for the body to intake the same nutrients and boost testosterone level in your body. The fitness trainers suggest at least 8 hours of sleep a day.

Eat more workout less

When you are at the introductory level of fitness training, you need to eat more and workout less. At the initial stage, fitness trainers recommend not to lift heavy weight. Before that as a foundation of the physical structure more free hand exercises helps the body to get ready for intermediate and advanced stage bodybuilding and powerlifting. Gym training courses Patiala offers the trainee with proper advice on the muscle growth tips and selective exercises for newly admitted gym freaks.


Before concluding up with the fitness topics some extra points need to be added. Lift every day. Consistency is everything. Work on your legs and bigger muscle for faster muscle growth.

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