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    1.How many vertebrae does lumbar spine made of

    2. Tarsal’s are located in ?

    3. Extension is movement of body part ?

    4. Quadriceps femories muscles consist of ……… origins ?

    5.If ‘quadriceps’ is the agonist , then its antagoinst will be ?

    6.Isometric contraction of a muscles is ?

    7.Iliopsoas muscle is located in the region ?

    8. elbow joint is an exampleof ?

    9. Kidney , ureter, bladder and urethra are components of ?

    10. Stiff leg deadlift is the exercise performed to train ?

    11.Cal contained in 1g of alchol ?

    12. Part of chicken that contains highest amount of fat % per 100 gm.

    13. Select the given non-essential amino acid ?

    14. BCAAs stands for ?

    15. Mark a lowest glycemic food from the given ?

    16. Unilateral training stands for ?

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    17. Skinfold calliper is a good, inexpensive and fairly accurate way to measure one’s ..?

    18. The right atrium recieves deoxygenated blood from ..?

    19. Oxygenated blood is transported from the left ventrical to the body tissue through ?

    20. The appendicular Skelton has a total number of bones ?

    21. White fibro cartilage is found in ?

      22. Skull crush is a exercise performed to train ?

    23. During a marathon run, the type of muscle Fibre requirements takes place ?

    24. TFL in anatomy stands for ?

    25. Liver secretes which liquid ?

    26. Miliatry press is the other name for ?

    27. Fat in the body is stored as ?

    28. Best test that can be performed to test ‘reaction time’?

    29. Running a marathon is a great example of ?

    30. Diesease related to skeleton system ?

    31.Rickets is a nutritional disorder leads to skeletal deformities, found in ?

    32. The terms actins and myosin are associated with ?

    33. Sit and reach test is performed on client to measure ?

    34. Flexor carpiradialis originates from ?

    35. What is the effect of diuretic on the patient ?

    36. What is the purpose to use RPE scale ?

    37. What is lordosis ?

    38. Waist hip ratio at risk in males is ?

    39. Mark the activity that posses METs value above 8 ?

    40. 1 l of oxygen utilize ……kcal ?

    41. The value of resting METs (metabolicequivalent)is?

    42. Estimated heart rate % at RER OF 1.1 ?

    43.More calorie from fat are burn at RER value of ?

    44. YMCA sub maximal step testing is popularly used for ?

    45. BMI value of under 17 is considered as ?

    46. The term ACL is a ?

    47. Stomach muscles are example of ?

    48. Mark the NON-component of training principles ?

    49. The word TEMPO in resistance training indicates ?

    50. The pain and stiffness felt in muscles several hours to days after unaccustomed or strength training is called ?

    51. During strength training when INTENSITY increase than what will be its effect on number of sets ?

    52. Stretching performed using some sort of outside assistance to help you achieve a stretch ?

    53. Hormone produced in pregnant women’s that effect flexibility?

    54. Effect of potassium on salt (sodium) in your body?

    55. Mark the Type of diabetes that does not produce insulin or insulin-dependent diabetes?

    56.Total cholesterol value in human is?

    57. Metabolism disorder occurs as a result of?

    58.Heart attack can be a result of following disease ?

    59. Estrogen hormone secreted by gland ?

    60. The gland located above kidney?